3 principios para que la mente humana prospere

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Donde Sir Ken Robinson resalta 3 principios fundamentales para que la mente humana prospere — y cómo la cultura educativa actual trabaja en contra de ellos. En una presentación graciosa y estimulante nos cuenta cómo escapar del «valle de la muerte» educativo que ahora enfrentamos y cómo educar a nuestras generaciones más jóvenes en un clima de posibilidades.


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10 Comentarios en “3 principios para que la mente humana prospere

  1. http://www./

    Hehe.. viktig med god mat og niste på langtur:)Så bra at vognen falt i smak, kjedelig å kjøre så langt hvis den ikke hadde blitt med hjem..Klem

  2. srvalgo.com

    Solidarietà per questo bambino che ha bisogno d’aiuto. Io non sono una donatrice, ma devo dire che grazie a te, ci penserò su…Per quanto riguarda il libro, spero di averlo tra le mani domani stesso. La cosa brutta è che non ho molto tempo per leggere. A Natale cercherò di rimediare, anche se prima devo comprare Figlia del Sangue… Bacioni a tutti!

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    “They need to focus on specifics.”They do, “our own roads, our own land”.“This is also confusing: “our own roads, our own land”.Only someone like you, a Zionist, would find that confusing.“The $100,000 question of whether the purpose of the dissent is for a single state or for 67 borders Palestine, is a CRITICAL one.”The purpose is neither, this is only your own irrelevant question.

    1. Star

      I say &#0t28;di2to” to all the above. Feedback (regardless of the giver’s good intentions) can often sting and burn. So, we protectively and reflexively recoil or reject it. Your flipping the switch on this is significant. I’m adding this to my expanding array of practices for wiser living. Thank you.[]

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    You made my day with this funny story, Jayne. That was some serious concentration not to notice chocolate flying around the room. When I want to get the last of something out of a container I run hot tap water, put a little in container, place cap on, and shake.Blessings ~ Maxi

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